The help happens through a comprehensive concept,
that encompasses the whole person:

  • The children receive 3 meals a day. Malnutrition is prevented
    due to the fact that there is no protein and vitamin deficiency.
  • The children are showered every morning and get freshly washed clothes. Hygiene prevents various diseases.
  • The children take a regular nap, which promotes mental and physical development. Parents usually pay too little attention to ensuring that children get enough sleep.
  • The children brush their teeth regularly and are cared for by a physician; dental and general diseases are thus prevented.
  • The children go to a kindergarten or an elementary school (primary level), where they learn to read, write and calculate. In 2016, a secondary school was (secondary level) was founded, which the students then attend.
  • This secondary school leads the children to a state-recognized qualification (comparable to the German Abitur), which enables them to complete an apprenticeship or university degree.
  • The foundation stone of a profession is laid, so that they do not have to work later as garbage collectors or beggars.
  • There are also project days on which the children deal intensively with a topic.
  • The children are educated so that they learn the right social behavior. They should learn the right way to deal with people, also and especially for their later life.
  • They learn about God, what he is like, what he has done for us humans through Jesus, and what it means to live before Him in a way that brings joy to Him and to others.